hand held makedo shoo flyhand held makedo shoo fly

Aren't these neat??? I got this idea from the book called They Made Do. These hand held shoo flies are made from our antique lath and grungy osnaberg. Back in the day the people of the Appalachian had no screens or fly swatters so they took pieces of fabric or paper and tied it around sticks to shoo the flies. They would also hang pieces of wood with paper strips tied to it on the ceiling near their eating table. The wind would blow the strips and keep the flies from landing. These are just for decorative purposes of course but make a great conversation piece!!! Display them in a crock, hang from the side of a window, or over a cupboard door.   These shoo flies are available in two sizes. the small measures 16 1/2"l and the large is 20"l. Both have been waxed in a dark walnut to bring out the natural tones of the wood. Please specify your size choice in the drop down box below. 


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