small makedo candle holders

OMG!!! Can you stand how cute these are??? My husband laughs at me because I don't throw much away when it comes to lumber or fabric scraps.... I always tell him I will think of a use for them eventually. These are a perfect example. I only had one sign to make in the garage and thought, I have to get all this stuff out and clean up for one item, why not see what else I can do to make the time in the garage more productive. I opened up my junk drawer and found these great pieces of a barnwood beam I had saved. ANd this is the result... these candle holders are all sold separately below so be sure to specify your choice in the drop down box. I will start with the back left holder. The base measures 4"wX3"dX2"h and comes with a 3"h beeswax candle and a mini rush bundle. Next is the top right holder. The base measure  5"hX5"wX2"d and comes with the metal holder and 2" beeswax candle. We then go to the bottom right holder. The base measures 3 1/2"lX1 1/2"dX1 1/2"h with a 2" beeswax candle. And lastly is the bottom right. The base is 4 1/2"lX3/12"dX1 1/2"h with 3 2"beeswax candles. Set these cuties anywhere you have an empty spot.   


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